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Adhesion and migration in disease conference 2023

Lectures you don’t want to miss!

Lecture 1: @12:00 on 6th of September Jan Brábek – Migrastatics Redirecting ReD in Solid Cancer Towards Metastasis

Lecture 2: @16:30 on 6th of September Daniel Zicha – Pretesting chemotherapeutic drugs with biopsy cells using Holographic Incoherent-light-source Quantitative Phase Imaging (hiQPI)

Telight is going to take place at the conference Adhesion and Migration in Diseases 2023 in Warwick, which is organized yearly by the Royal Microscopy Society, the conference will host over 200 participants from the field of life sciences with a focus on the new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to curing diseases. As live-cell imaging specialists, we will be present as a platinum sponsor and share our knowledge on adhesion and migration from the perspective of quantitative phase imaging. One of our core applications is studying cells in extracellular matrix (ECM). Cell adhesion is the attachment of cells to each other, or to the ECM which surrounds them, our technology can provide quantitative data for researchers focusing on cell adhesion or ECM studies.

Another part of the conference focuses on cell migration, we have recently hosted a webinar with a focus on cell migration, where we explain why it is useful to choose the technology of quantitative phase imaging in combination with others, to discover new findings about the way cells are moving.

You will find our stand at Warwick full of exciting ideas and technology, we will display our light microscopes in augmented reality, and you can play a game with our application specialists. Come to discuss your research with us, we are excited to see where your interest lies.

The focus of the conference will be on the following topics

  1. Cell adhesion
  2. ECM Matrix
  3. Cell migration
  4. Finding new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches
  5. Development of translational projects

If you would like to get into some specific topic related either to cell migration or adhesion, please contact us we would like to hear about your research and discuss it at the conference.

When: September 5th to 8th 2023

Who: Zuzana Novakova

Join us in Warwick for Adhesion and migration in disease 2023!

We strongly advise you to ask questions and stop by our stand, we will present our devices in an eco-friendly way as 3D models on our iPad and will have an educational game for you. Drop by and find out more about live-cell imaging advances by Telight!