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Cell migration conference 2024

As we specialize in live-cell imaging, we are excited to participate in the upcoming conference organized by the Biochemical Society, the British Society for Cell Biology, and the European Cytoskeletal Forum. This conference is a convergence point for the cell migration community, addressing various biological processes like development, cancer, and wound healing. It will highlight recent advances in the field, including novel imaging techniques – an area where our expertise shines. The event promises to be an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange, featuring a diverse lineup of speakers, including emerging leaders from different disciplines, career stages, and regions. It’s a perfect platform for us to engage with experts and young researchers focused on understanding cell behavior in health and disease contexts. We have two different techniques that can help you image cells in a completely new and unseen way.

Main topics:

  • Molecular regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics using in vitro reconstitution to dissect how actin powers migration
  • Control of different modes of migration by environmental cues, such as chemical and physical cues
  • The physical context of cell migration and how internal and external forces drive cell behaviour
  • Computational and mathematical approaches to understanding cell migration
  • Cell migration in multicellular organisms, in disease and development

When: April 15th & 18th

Who: Aneta Krizova and Caroline Peron-Cane

Join us in April for conference focused on cell migration!

We strongly advise you to ask questions and stop by our stand, we will be bringing our devices in an eco-friendly way as 3D models on our iPad. Drop by and find out more about live-cell imaging advances by Telight!