August 31, 2022 All Others

Discover LiveCodim a super-resolution platform

Super-resolution in live cells without photodamage OR complicated techniques?

Send us your sample for a free LiveCodim analysis!

Within few days we will be back with the results*

*Typical time needed for analysis depends on the sample

„LiveCodim allows users to visualize their live cells with better than 2x the achievable resolution that they would otherwise see using confocal microscopy all while using very low incident power, making gentle super-resolution imaging not only possible, but accessible. Our interface is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require modification in sample preparation protocols, nor does it require blinking or photo-switchable fluorophores. We’d be happy to image your samples for free either offline or via a virtual demo. Discover what was previously unseen with LiveCodim!

Please leave me a message so we could design the analysis suitable for your samples and addressing your ideas.“

Alexandra Schroeder

Application Specialist