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ELMI 2024 | European Light Microscopy Initiative

Since its inception in 2001, the European Light Microscopy Initiative (ELMI) has played a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic communication network among European scientists specializing in light microscopy and their equipment manufacturers. The initiative’s primary goal is to elevate the rapidly evolving field of light microscopy as an essential research instrument in life sciences and to fortify the communication pathways linking researchers, core facilities, and the industry.

This year’s annual meeting will occur in Liverpool, a tradition spanning over two decades and hosted in various locales across Europe. We are glad to be part of the ELMI community for several years, and every year, you can stop by our booth to discuss our latest improvements in live-cell imaging microscopy. We were busy refining our algorithms, improving our microscopes, imaging new cell types and discovering new applications for our devices. We are happy to show you the results. Stop by our stand to see our improvements.

When: June 4th to 7th

Who: Alexandra Schroeder, Aneta Krizova  & Huw Thomas

Join us in at ELMI 2024!

We strongly advise you to ask questions and stop by our stand, we will be bringing our devices in an eco-friendly way as 3D models on our iPad. Drop by and find out more about live-cell imaging advances by Telight!