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FocalPlane Webinar | Full recording


FocalPlane is your microscopy community site, hosted by Journal of Cell Science (JCS) and encompassing all fields in the biological sciences where they meet microscopy. From conversations the JCS editorial team had with the microscopy community, it was clear there was the need for a trusted, curated and centralized online meeting place to connect people, products, resources and information relating to microscopy. The idea for FocalPlane was born. On this link you can watch the full video of our webinar.

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Zuzana Novakova   

Is Telights finest application specialist with a passion for baking carrot cakes, apart from that, she is very knowledgeable about everything concerning QPI and advanced cell analysis. If you wish to find out how to look at your cells in a new unique way, or what is the best carrot cake recipe, she is the right person to go to.

Patrick McCall 

Patrick is currently residing in a prestigeous Max Plank Institute in Dresden; his research is focused on determining the composition of biomolecular condensates by QPI.

Quantitative phase microscopy enables precise and efficient determination of biomolecular condensate composition

Jan Balvan

Jan is conducting his research on Masaryk University in Brno,  His focus lies in the analysis of different types of cell death, here are some of his elected articles.

The Quantitative-Phase Dynamics of Apoptosis and Lytic Cell Death

Cell segmentation methods for label-free contrast microscopy: review and comprehensive comparison

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