November 3, 2022 All Events

Image of life 2022 | A practical course

A 3-day practical course focused on several different microscopy techniques of live-cell imaging will take place in December, in Brno. The course has a limited amount of participants 12-15. The course is aimed at potential users of advanced light microscopy methods, as they will be compared from a theoretical and practical point of view.  The course is dedicated to users with intermediate and advanced experience in light microscopy, oriented on practical usage, and filled with numerous of practical interactive demonstrations. Plenary lectures cover the theoretical background of all presented techniques.

When: 6th to 8th  December 2022


Who: Telight, Pragolab, IMG, Czech Optical Cluster and many more.

Learn about new microscopy techniques for live cell imaging!

If you have problems or tasks at hand, bring them along, we will solve them together.