April 22, 2024 All Events

Imaging Principles of Life 2024

We at Telight are excited to join the upcoming Imaging Principles of Life dedicated to the cutting edge of microscopy imaging. Our commitment to innovation aligns with the spirit of this gathering, where experts and enthusiasts unite to share their insights and discoveries. For us, participation is more than an opportunity—it’s a contribution to a collaborative future. This conference offers a platform to present Telight’s technological advancements and explore how they can enhance and empower the work being done in Czech-BioImaging Core Facilities. We believe that by engaging with the community and discussing our latest innovations, we can help push the boundaries of what’s possible in life cell imaging.

When: September 30th – October 2nd

Who: Matyáš Krijt

Join us in September for a conference focused on the advancements in microscopy.

We strongly advise you to ask questions and stop by our stand, we will be bringing our devices in an eco-friendly way as 3D models on our iPad. Drop by and find out more about live-cell imaging advances by Telight!