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Innovators of the Year 2024 – Telight

The expert jury selected the Brno microscopy company Telight as one of the best 10 Innovators of 2024. The competition, which is regularly organized by Hospodářské noviny, emphasized Telight’s innovation and revolution in super-resolution microscopy, which can contribute to the widespread use of these technologies. The winners were announced on Thursday, 10 April 2024, at the Technology Centre of UMPRUM Mikulandská. The jury included prominent business figures, including David Pavlík, who worked at Netflix and SpaceX, Ondřej Fryc from Reflex Capital, and Karolína Mrozková, a partner at Credo Ventures. Other award-winning companies include Aireen, which diagnoses eye diseases in diabetics, and the innovative chemicals company Draslovka.


Petr Jaroš our CEO is the fourth one from the right.

“Our success is a success for the whole of Czech microscopy. We are proud to have been selected among the elite ten innovators of 2024. This award confirms our efforts to expand the use of cutting-edge technologies that contribute to science and research development at home and abroad. At the same time, it motivates us to work even harder on our development. With our recent expansion into Germany, we have become part of the German-speaking market. Although there are many domestic brands with global reach in this highly competitive area, we believe we will continue to be successful with German, Swiss, and Austrian customers who choose us to equip their life science laboratories,” says Telight CEO Petr Jaroš.

It’s always worth following teams that have already built a very successful project. Telight could revolutionize super-resolution in photon microscopy, making previously expensive instruments smaller and cheaper. Just as IBM once managed to take computers out of cupboards and onto desks,” explains Jaroslav Mašek, editor-in-chief of Hospodářské noviny.

Telight develops and manufactures microscopes based on light optics. Its microscopes allow long-term observation of cellular structures without disturbing them, making an important contribution to the study of cancer, in particular, the migration of cancer cells.

Telight’s technologies include the patented Q-Phase holographic microscope with high data accuracy and the ability to observe live samples for up to several days without breakage, and LiveCodim, a versatile super-resolution imaging platform. They are used by prestigious institutions such as the University of Warwick, the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. Thanks to its ability to observe living cells in real time and without damage, Telight has already been used in several scientific studies, such as the investigation of the metastatic process of cancer cells.

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