January 24, 2024 Resources

LiveCodim image gallery

Cytoskeleton of huVEC cells

⦿ Red: Vimentin

⦿ Cyan: Tubuline

Resolution: 5 μm

Courtesy of Claire Leclech

Multicolor LiveCodim image of cellular organelles and actin cytoskeleton

⦿ Purple: Actin

⦿ Cyan: Mitochondria

⦿ Yellow: Endoplasmic reticulum

Resolution: 5 μm

Courtesy of Ana Oña – CNB-CSIC – Madrid

Multi-modal image of the nuclear pore complex

Resolution: 5 μm

Microtubules network of a huFIB cell

Resolution: 5 μm
Info: Microtubules are cylindrical structures made of tubulin proteins, crucial for cell shape, division, and intracellular transport. They form the skeleton of the cell, enabling movement of organelles, chromosomes during mitosis, and acting as tracks for motor proteins. Microtubules dynamically assemble and disassemble, adapting to cellular needs.