December 9, 2020 All Publications

New Article: Roadmap to holography

Journal of Optics has come with a wonderful overview of international activities in the field of holography – an exciting area of research leading to a wide range of innovations.

The article is a result of cooperation led by John. T. Sheridan. We appreciate especially section 12 from R. Chmelik, describing advance in incoherent holographic microscopy and mentioning Telight Q-Phase:

“… Relative complexity of this instrument is outweighed by its advantage to work in a wide range of the light coherence ranging from coherent to both spatially and temporally incoherent illumination. This microscope was utilized in experiments documented by figures 18 and 19 and many other experiments in live-cell biology. …We proven that hiQPI is robust enough technique capable of live-cells QPI in 2D and 3D conditions. Inherent coherence gate suppresses the image contribution of light scattered outside of the microscope object plane and thereby restricts the observed area along the z-axis. This produces potential for 3D and in turbid-media imaging, which is of particular importance in biomedical imaging.”