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Quantitative data on cell migration for BSCB 2024

Quantitative data on Cell migration?

A unique opportunity to visit a neighboring university in Warwick and its imaging center, CAMDU. Our holographic microscope Q-Phase is located there, the first one of its kind in the UK. Significant research on migrastatics, a new drug class solely targeting the inhibition of cancer cell motility without cytotoxic or antiproliferative effects, is an example of one of the research being conducted on our microscope. This demo is designed for researchers who want more insight into cell migration imaging possibilities, quantitative data on cells, and long-term cell imaging.

How to get there?

Shuttle taxi will leave at 14:30 from the Edgbaston Park Hotel on Thursday, April 18th – approx. 35 min

Take a shuttle taxi back to Edgbaston Park Hotel at 17:30 on Thursday, April 18th – approx. 35 min

Group size:

Only six spaces are available due to space constraints.


  1. Introduction to CAMDU
  2. Overview of Quantitative Phase Imaging
  3. Sample observation with Q-Phase (QPI Technology)
  4. Cell migration -> data analysis
  5. Coffee, Tea, and ride back to Birmingham.

It will be better to split into two groups due to space constraints. The two groups will rotate between the microscope and the cafeteria in the facility.

How to get there? – We have organized transport there and back.

Shuttle taxi will leave at 14:30 from confernce venue on Thursday April 18th – approx. 35 min

Shuttle taxi back to Birmingham at 17:30 Thursday April 18th – approx. 35 min

Who: Aneta Krizova and Caroline Peron-Cane

Join us to see how QPI technology can provide quantitative data on cell migration!

Aneta and Caroline will give you a short tour of CAMDU at the University of Warwick, followed by a demonstration of the Q-Phase microscope and its ability to measure different aspects of cells during migrations, such as motility, size, or dry mass.