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Webinar: Super-resolution techniques and focus on nuclear pore complex

This webinar will focus on discussing the assessment of resolution in super-resolution microscopy systems using the nuclear pore complex as a biological benchmark.


An important metric for assessing a system’s utility for visualizing structures is the microscope’s resolving power. As technologies emerge, particularly in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, there is a need for quantifying the resolution. While there are several strategies using test patterns for such a measurement, there is also a need for biologically-relevant control samples that can serve as a benchmark. In this talk, we discuss assessing image resolution, particularly the use of the arrangement of proteins in the nuclear pore complex to characterize resolution in super-resolution microscopes.

When: October  31st at 2:00 pm (GMT+1)

Time: 15 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Recording of our webinar:

Who: Alexandra Schroeder & Caroline Peron Cane

Join us to understand the differences in super-resolution imaging and focus on how to image nuclear pores complex.