July 9, 2024 All Resources

Webinar: Application of Quantitative Phase Imaging in Biothermodynamics of Cell Growth

Join us for an engaging session focused on the Quantitative Phase Imaging and the Biothermodynamics of Cell Growth. The webinar has two parts. One is introductory to the Quantitative Phase Imaging system. The second part concentrates on the different aspects of research conducted  by Vaclav Bocan, focusing on different dynamics of cell growth. Vaclav Bocan is PhD Student in Jonathan Rodenfels lab Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden.

The research conducted by Vcclav Bocan focuses on the following topics:

  • Investigation of cell metabolism from a thermodynamic perspective, particularly in the context of cancer cells and their metabolic changes.
  • Utilization of QPI to measure nutrient consumption, energy flux, and biomass production in cells, with a focus on specific heat dissipation rates and cell mass.
  • Results show how different seeding densities affect cell growth and mass. Comparisons between cancer-associated and healthy fibroblasts reveal differences in cell mass and growth behavior.

Full recording:

Time: 55 minutes

Who: Václav Bočan and Zuzana Nováková