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Webinar: Unlocking Cell Secrets with QPI

Join us for an engaging webinar where we explore the impact of a key protein, RACK1, on cell growth and development. Using QPI technology, Tomas Grousl has studied how reducing RACK1 affects kidney and fibroblast cells. His findings show significant changes in cell growth, highlighting RACK1’s importance in normal cell function. Our application specialists will provide a quick overview, and our guest, Tomas Grousl, will focus on his research findings!

These results were obtained using an innovative, easy-to-understand method called Quantitative Phase Imaging. QPI allows researchers to observe cells without labels or dyes. This webinar is perfect for anyone interested in how cells work and the latest techniques in cell research. It’s a fascinating look at the building blocks of life and medical science.

When: February 21st t at 1:30 pm (GMT+1)

Time: 25 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A

Who: Tomas Grousl & Aneta Krizova