Q-Phase research findings are presented in chronological order, the most significant research, which has received either a substantial number of citations or an altimetric score, has been added to the front page of each product. Please inform us if you think your research should be listed here.Hello.

Garita-Hernandez M., et al.

Optogenetic light sensors in retinal organoids

Portilho D.M., Persson R., Arhel N.

Role of non-motile microtubule-associated proteins in virus trafficking

Pagliuso A., et al.

A role for septin 2 in Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission

Fallet C., Lassalle A., Dubois-Delumeau M., Sirat G.Y.

Accurate axial localization by conical diffraction beam shaping generating a dark-helix PSF

Fallet C., Lindberg A., Sirat G.Y.

Generating 3D depletion distribution in an achromatic, single-channel, monolithic system

Fallet C., et al.

A new method to achieve tens of nm axial super-localization based on conical diffraction PSF shaping